Healing with the help of Spirit comes to us in a variety of methods, which ones we use doesn’t matter as much as the fact that it is Spirit that is passing that healing through us in a manner they choose.
Looking at the bigger picture we see that we are all part of everything that is, that we are spirit with a human body and to achieve total wholeness we need a healthy body, mind and soul.
Total wholeness is balance between our physical, emotional and spiritual self.
In today’s hectic society we still manage to find time to look after our physical body with regular exercise, healthy eating but WHAT are we doing for a healthy mental, emotional and spiritual self?
The various Healing methods I work with are thousands of years old and have been and still are, being used successfully. We live in a changing world, Society is evolving rapidly, Spirit is drawing closer in various ways guiding us to assist in making our world and ourselves better.
If we are not careful, we can allow our past experiences to affect our present and future. Unpleasant experiences in relationships or our life in general bring about fears, so when we have another experience we back off and shy away from it. Hence our past blocs and interferes with our present and future.
It doesn’t have to be so, instead of ignoring these past experiences, which are stored inside us, you can release and heal them, leaving space to create new intentions and expectations.
That way, the past will no longer have a hold on us, and the new ways of the future can happen more easily.
Now that you understand the idea behind it, let’s open our mind to the various ways that is here now to help us.
I sincerely hope you take time to look at the bigger picture and let yourself find the balance and harmony for you which will inevitably affect all around you.

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